Friday, October 23, 2009

My Emotions

Shampooing is the activity that I hate the most. Every morning I have a quarrelling session with my Mamma, convincing her not to give me head bath and not to use Shampoo.

Using face wash and face cream are secondary things that I hate.

Recently I have got few rashes on my face, which leads my Mamma to be over protective and wash my face often followed face cream.

Yesterday when she was giving me bath, I just got pissed off with the way she handles my face. I started crying crying crying….non-stop for 15-20 minutes I cried and my Mamma chose to ignore.

I was in the bathroom all drenched, while she simply left me alone and finished her morning chores. Later on she came and pacified me. Though I was not pacified, I somehow left the topic and went to school.

Now, in the evening, again the same saga started.

Mamma: Aryan come, wash face, and apply cream. (Doesn’t she understand that I have my own individuality?)
Aryan: No I am not washing it now.

She insisted few times and she went to kitchen for cooking.

After sometime I approached her for helping me fix some puzzles.

She simply said: “You are not listening to me, why should I listen to you?”
Aryan: “Sorry mamma, I will listen to you, but will not wash face.”
Mamma: “Then I will also listen to you, but will not play puzzles with you” (This is Tit for Tat or what???? What is she planning to do? )

After that our terms deteriorated more and somehow she managed to feed me some food.
When papa came, again I approached her for some help and she tried to be over smart by ignoring me.

I just felt very very SAD. For the first time in three yrs, I am feeling this serious SAD emotion. I hope you understand…

I sat on the sofa and did not talk to anyone for 15-20 min.

Papa asked: Aryan, what happened?
Aryan: Mamma doesn’t love me, she scolds me a lot. I am SAD!!!
Papa: What, you are Sad? Who told Mamma doesn’t love you?
Aryan: Aryan told myself !!!
Papa: Ok, Mamma come here and say sorry to Aryan.
Mamma: Sorry, Aryan, let us have a mutual understanding by listening to each other!!!
Aryan: No, you go away. Papa we will buy new Mamma from shop.
Mamma: Sorry dear, come let me hug you.

When she hugged I busted with all tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t continue to be SAD without crying. It was a mixed emotion, a feeling of love, insecurity, sadness, inferiority…..

Somehow got pacified and I slept. But, I still have that grudge with my Mamma now… When will this feeling disappear? Even Mamma is eager to know that!!!! Can anyone help?


Swaram said...

Aww sweety .. Mamma ws telling for ur gud only na :P Pls wash ur face dear :) Aryan handsome wil look smarter then :P

Hw is he nw S? I mean the rashes?

Unknown said...

uffff 3 years is such a tough age!!! :) Don't cry lil aryan.. mummy loves u a lottt.. just she has to also be a strict mummy sometimes for ur own good.. Muah.

SVD said...

Oh no aryan

Mamma is ur loving mamma na...She says things and does things for ur good health. She loves u a lot. Dont be angry with her dear..


Lavanya Seetharaman said...

oh noo..Aryan, all mommies love their babies...Your mom loves you too....She is saying it all for your good dear...Listen to her and u will be happy always :)

Deeps said...

oh it will disappear soon,darling.your mama cant stay angry with you for so long,take it from me!so,very soon she will make you forget about your grudge,even play lots of puzzles with you!

now go,give mamma one umma and see how well she listens to you,ok :)

lostworld said...

Oh no.. I feel like Aryan too when I get shouted at. Don't worry baby, i'm sure you can get your way by crying ! ;-) hee hee..

Ah, Aryan's mom.. sheesh, kids these days !! Even when you do something for their good, they throw a tantrum!

Shruthi said...

hey there handsome Aryan you are a champ and champs wash their face whenever Mamma asks them to. so be the best champ alright :) hugs and kisses to you.

@Aryan's Mom, hugs to you :)

Meira said...

Gosh! I hope the rashes disappear soon.

Uma said...

Oh my! Aryan dear, I'm taking amma's side this time around - but you have a strong supporter in Adya on the very same count!
No matter how much cream amma dabs on your face - she still loves you!

Swati said...

aww..hope things are settled between both of you now ?