Monday, July 6, 2009


I was on vacation. Went to Nagpur to attend my Dadaji’s retirement ceremony. Enjoyed every bit of it. I got to see so many people and places when I was in Nagpur.

Another Transformation: I guess, soon I will master the Art of stammering. For Mama, I say MMMMMAmmm. So before even I say one word, my mama decodes my mind and understands it, but she chooses me to complete the sentence. I think she has improved her understanding and decoding skill after I started stammering….

Mmmammma is kind of tensed about this behavior. She talked with my new school teacher. I was happy about her tete -a -tete talk with my teacher. I expected my school teacher to say “Aryan should take a long sabbatical for a year”.

Unfortunately that was not the case. She said : Don’t worry Aryan’s mom, I will handle this change efficiently!!!!!

Bad luck …

NB: Swaram Anunty, I will do your tag soon. Thanks for tagging.


Swaram said...


Is that transformation just bcoz u wanted to take a long sabbatical ;)

Nice to know u loved meeting people n see places.

Take ur time for the tag dear :)

Preity Angel... said...

oo Aryan, you are so sowwweeeetttt