Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My life…Aryan—Is so important to my….?

“Aryan come out”. That was Uma madam. I came out of the day-care and what did I see…
Can you guess…?

Yes, I saw my Chella pati. She was standing outside and waiting to take me home from day-care. I ran towards her and climbed on her. She is the one who always carries me.

I was all surprised and amazed. She came from Trivandrum, just to take care of me in the evening. When they read on the blog that I am being scolded by my Papa, my grandfather couldn’t take it. He told my Chella patti to come and take care of me, in spite of he being alone. He logic was, as he is big boy, he can fend himself while I need my Chella patti now. (So writing on blog does help a lot)
There she came..and I am happy and jumping with joy.
Thanks Thatha…and ofcourse thanks my dear Chella pati not for the train that you got from Trivandrum, but for the love that you shower and the importance that you give me in your life. Otherwise how can you leave my Grandpa alone in Trivandrum on your marriage day (Today-22nd may) you being married to him for 31yrs…

Happy anniversary…my dear grandparents.

All Mommy friends please do wish my Chella patti on her anniversary. She is great and I have no words to extol her virtues.

NB: 1. Another person who is relieved by the arrival of my Chella pati is my Papa. He no longer needs to take care of me. Hearing this my Nagpur grandma was also very happy.
2. To make the things easy for my Chella Patti's train journey of 31hrs, my Periyamma from Kochi came to station and gave her food when the train reached Kochi and my Mom's chitti(My Chella pati's sister)from Coimbatore gave her food when the train reached Coimbatore.


Swati said...

Happy anniversary to Chella Patti..Lucky Aryan :)

Mama - Mia said...

happy Anniv to Chella Patti and her lucky better half! :)

and glad you happy again Aryan!! have a great time!! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad....See how my sweet little Aaru is making his friends wish you both..

Aaru, my sweet kisses to you darling.


Anusha said...

Happy Anniversary to Aryan's Paati!
kinda cute how you have relatives all the way along the train line :)

Wunderyearz said...

Happy Anniversary to your Chella Paati, all of us are so blessed to have people out here to help us manage our day to day life and most of all shower our kids with so much of Love.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everyone for wishing my CHella Patti and Thatha

Indian in NZ said...

Awwww Aryan , I am so happy for you ! You are so lucky to have such loving relatives around you - A very Happy Anniversary to you Chella Patti and Thatha !

Just Like That said...

Happy anniversary to your grandparnts, Aryan. :-)