Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guessing Game

I saw in Aryan Times about a guessing game and I thought I would also hoist a game like that…
Here we go:
What do the following words mean to me?

Edited to add—Hint requested by Swathi Mommy
1.All words are short form of the real word. For example CAA—Means CAR to me. Dea—Means Dear to me….I guess you must have understood my pattern now…..
2.One word can have more than one meaning. Depends on the circumstances. You can guess anyone of them and it should be fine.


Any of my friends can pick this game....

So here are the answers

Coocco— Crockraoch
Sho— Shoe or Soap. Depends on the situataion
Babu— Bubble
Boo—Blue (The blue crayon that I roam with)
ShiiShii—Two meaning. One when I want to poop, other when I want my Mom to sit with me. Based on my face expression she understands this…

Periyammas Score—3/7..Between for badboy it is BAAboo
Cantaloupes Ammas Score—4/7
K3 Mom—3/7
Swathi Mommy—3/7. One good things is she could guess my BLUE craziness...

Periyamma,Swathi mommy and k3 amma are in second position while Cantaloupes Amma gets the first..HUGS to you...


Anonymous said...

Coocco— Train making noise
Sho— when something happens, your expression is "sshhho"
Babu— For badboy
Jiya—For giraffe
ShiiShii—When you want to go to toilet

Hope i scored average in your test darling.


Swati said...

Hey hint ..I gave you a big hint that all the words that start with A are not with A actually. HINT please.

Timepass said...

Aryan dear, I am very to what is what in ur language..BTW i updated my blog last on 14 may..try viewing it in IE, sometimes firefox does not show the latest posts

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Coocco— Train
Sho— Shoe
Babu— Baby
Boo— Wound / Hurt
Jiya — Giraffe
Cchaa— Tea
ShiiShii— Something yucky

Hope I understand you :)

K 3 said...

Hmmm, this looks tough!

Coocco - ku-ku (bird sounds?) or train sounds?
Sho - Shoe
Babu - baby? Bad boy? dad?
Boo - hurt? something scary?
Jiya - jhula?
Cchaa - Chai?
Shiishii - pee? something yucky?

Swati said...

oops ..extremely sorry ..forgot abt the quiz completely after i asked for the hint. Any way ..if i had answered I would have scored 3/7
I would have told
Coocco— Train making noise
sho -Shoe
Babu - Bad Boy
Boo - Blue
Jiya -
Cchha -
ShiiShii - Poop signal

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Yippee ... I get a prize !!

Asha said...

I guessed only shoe :(.. looks like there is a lot more to learn!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everybody for participating in the Quiz...
Thanks to Asha mommy...