Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Boy versus Bad Boy

My Papa asks me:
1.Aryan, you want Mama or Papa? The answer to this question depends. When Mama is giving me food or telling me a story, I say Mama. When Papa is swinging me in Jula or making me sit on cycle (Oh yes, I got my first vehicle. Will do a post about it), I say Papa. When both of them are sitting and asking me, is say..MaaPaa…or PaaMaaa

2.Aryan, Are you a good boy or bad boy. I used to say Goobo.(shortcut for goodboy) before, now I say only Baabo.( shortcut for badboy)”. Because whenever I say goobo, my Mom tells, see you are a good boy so you should eat food. Then she feeds me. Again she uses the same good boy logic to make me sleep, make me wear the dress that I don’t like, make me sit in one place and eat…all stuffs that I don’t like. Thus nowadays I myself I say Baaboo…I have declared myself to be a BAABOO (BAD Boy) and I am proud about it….What say mommies????

BTW—My Mom’s computer has gone nuts. It never ever shows any updates from the fellow bloggers and one fine day it shows some 4-5 post together. Thus I don’t have any idea about what my Mommy friends are upto. Heard from my Mom that there was a Mega Baby shower….


Anonymous said...

Oh Tillu,

Long time since i commented dear..So you have taken the courage to say you are a bad boy and do more bad things??? great idea...any how you are my good, sweet and smart aaru


Opal Scraps said...

good to see you by.
aww baby you ought to be a good boy ALWAYS. mommy daddy wil love you anyways, but if you want EVERYONE to love you, you have to be a good boy baby!
hope you are not troubling mommy much these days.
Yes i will try to keep posting now.
i am a bad blogger i know *blushes*.

Aryan Mangal said...

Hi Aryan,

One day your mom visited my blog and since then I check out your blog every so often. Nice to see you growing and getting naughtier (Look who is preaching). Check out my new pics and videos too. I just turned 20 months and slowly started developing my social skills. Hope I will make friends with you one day.

Your younger HumNaam
Yashu (Aryan)

Anusha said...

baboo Aryan is totally cute :) yea, it goes get boring to be the goobo all the time...wty, Aryan!

Swati said...

LOL at the bad are very smart boy is what i would say :)

mnamma said...

LOL! He has turned the tables on you pretty quick didn't he? :)

Preity Angel... said...

WOW..Aryan I think you are a good boy...

Asha said...

No no.. you are no baaboo, you are goobo! LOL!! That was so cute :)

Asha said...

Aryan, you have been awarded :)

Emaan said...

i agree with all the other aunties aryan, ur a good-boy n very handsome too.. mamma takes good care of u !
tell me again AM, how and with what did u start aryan on semi-solids ? emaan is 4 months plus, ive started him on mashed banana & dall / rice water.. any other suggestions ? pls mail me

emaan's mom

Mama - Mia said...


thats soooo cuuuttee!! :)

aryan is really smart!! he knows whats right for him!!;)