Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Vocabulary

Word: Mom, Amma, mamma
Meaning: Amma
Used : When I need attention from her, When I miss her, When I see someone like her, When I see her photo album.

Word: Papa
Meaning: Appa
Used: Nowadys, when I see his phone, when I see my Mom’s mobile, when I see computer… Because now my papa is in the computer.

Word: ti
Meaning: Chella patti
Used: When I see her in the photo album. She is with me always and attends me always.

Word: ee
Meaning: Aayi. This is my Nagpur grandma’s name. Aayi means mom is Marathi.
Used: When I talk with her through the phone.

Word: Ca
Meaning: Car
Used: When I see a Car, When I see a Car picture from paper, when I see a Car in the TV, when I play with my Car. This is my favorite word.

Word: Shoo
Meaning: Shoo..
Used: When Shoo comes and when I go to bathroom to do that. Sometimes I do on the way to bathroom and my Chella patti comes behind to wipe it.

Word: Shi
Meaning: Shi
Used: After I do Shi.
I don’t signal my Mom that “shi” is coming. I stand up, she understands from my face expression. I tell her only after I do that or I make a funny gesture with my nose and she understands. I am yet to be potty trained.

Word: Boow
Meaning: Doggy
Used: When I see dogs outside the house, when I play with my doggy doll.

Word: Blalbooh googooo
Meaning: Random meaning….
Used: When I have to say something and I don’t know how to say

Word: Oohhh!!!
Meaning: When something disappears. Like, when the Nursery rhymes finishes, when cockroach comes and goes away.
Used: I keep hand in my mouth and say oohh..

Word: Ji
Meaning: Jeep
Used: Used when I see a Jeep picture in paper. This is my recent vocabulary.

Word: Aahhh
Meaning: Aahhh
Used: Sometimes I reply this way when my Mom scolds me. I also use this word to scold Sangeetha didi. This is my multi-purpose word. This word also represents the sound that is made by LION. Thus I use it when I see my Lion toy.

I think I have two three more words to add. My Mom feels lazy to do that now!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Your vocabulary is so sweet and short dear. I think we can also use these words to cut short our usage of big words.


Preethi said...

Wow Aryan... wonderful vocablary... I esp love aaaaaah and Blalbooh googooo... ***hugs****

Daisy said...

too cute..Thanks for stopping by my page.. Aryan sounds like a fun lil guy!

Pixie said...

Very Cute!

First time here - will keep visiting :-)

Happy New Year!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—Yes yes..learn from me

Preethi mommy—hugs to you..

daisy mommy—welcome to my space..

pixie mommy—Welcome to my space