Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things That I don’t Do

As my chella patti came from Thiruvananthapuram (TVM), I am getting more pampered. She praises me a lot. She really loves to play with me. She amuses me with all the possible ways to make me laugh.

She says “Aryan, nee rumba chamatu, padutharathai illai (You are very good and you are not at all naughty)

Hearing this my Mom asked my chella pati, “ Excuse me, you are telling that your lovely grandson is not naughty”?

My chella pati replied, “Yes of course. Did you get a chance to see how other kids behave in this age? No, right? But I got a chance and I am still getting the chance to see a toddler of Aryan’s same age. (A toddler, named Adithya, stays near to her TVM house). Aryan is so Pavam (innocent) and silent. He is in his own world of books, animal toy, cars, some stupid plastic bottles, lemons, match stick box etc etc…”

So I was eager to listen what my chella pati was saying about my fellow toddler-Adithya. So was my Mom..

So these are the things that I don’t do and Adithya does

1.Tearing the newspaper.
2.Putting anything and everything in his mouth. Especially excavating dust from corner of the house and putting it in the mouth.(Poor fellow he must be hungry always)
3.Spilling water, whenever he gets a chance to do so. Thus, no source of liquids can be kept in his vicinity. The other day he spilled the Sambar it seems. . . .

Hhee…I don’t do all these things. But why don’t my chella pati understand that there is always a silence before a storm…Just now she landed from TVM right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

So, you're in the good books of your chella paati. How long is this dear??


mnamma said...

You are tagged Aryan's Mom. Check it out here

Swati said...

Great Aryan..You know first impression is the last impression :)
Now that you are in her good books can do WHATEVER ;-)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Aryan's(my friend Aryan) Mom...Keep posting about my friend.