Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back after long hibernation

Lot to write about my travel experience. This time for a change we went to Nagpur by sleeper bus not by kingfisher airlines. We boarded the bus in the night and morning we reached Nagpur. This was the first time I am traveling in the sleeper bus. The cot was not as big as my house cot. After the tedious journey we landed in Nagpur.

It was fun in Nagpur, especially to pull my little sister—Shithija’s hair. Shithija is 11 months old and she comes near to my Mom. How can I allow her to be with my MOM. Thus my only aim in my life was to pull her hair and shoo her away.

I saw different kind of animals like:
Sparrow (My mom told it is a small bird)

Hen episode was admirable. My Grandfather knew my likings towards the Hen. So he brought one Hen for me. Thus running behind the hen was the second aim in my life.

Scooter episode—Me and my mom sat behind my Athai’s scooter and my Athai took me to silver shop to buy payal for me. Am I a girl to wear payal? Need to ask this question to Mom. Anyway sitting behind in scooter was dangerous. I saw bus coming near to me, Truck sliding past me. . .but my Athai had no fear for buses and trucks. She simply zoomed away in the scooter….

I also saw cycle Rickshaw there.

Altogether we stayed for 11 days in Nagpur and now I am back to Hyderabad. I am at home in my mama’s lap as I am having fever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Belated Diwali Wishes for you dear. Didn't u get scared of crackers? anyhow quite interesting to note that ur grandpa got a hen for u to chase. Next time, tell him u want to ride on an elephant back..u might get a elephant too...


Aryan-Arjun said...

I was not afraid of crackers. You know what, when Mamma found that I love elephants she got me a pillow which resembles an elephant....