Monday, August 19, 2019

Hobbies - Bird watching and Book reading

Did you know there are 129 million books in existence. Well, I am not a book worm and I don't like to always talk about books. However, reading has always been my stress buster. Due to my love of books, I started collecting feathers and bird watching. Wonder how??

Well, books and birds are not much related except for the B. But for me, bird watching started with book reading. Probably, the books I read were not that enchanting to catch my complete attention. Whenever I read a book in the morning, sitting in my balcony, I hear a lot of birds chirping. I may be a lubrocubicularist but when I see birds I leave the book. I am an ardent bird watcher now and a book reader too. I always wanted to go to Jurong Bird Park.Will go one day.

Once a bird saved my life —
When I was in 4th standard I accidentally put a metal plate in the microwave and at that time I was reading Harry Potter. One sparrow came into our house window and was not letting me read. Because it chripped a lot, I went to kitchen and thankfully noticed this metal plate inside microwave. I thanked the bird and mocked myself for being so irresponsible. Hey, not my fault. Please ask J.K.Rowling to change her content of the book. I was totally engrossed that I didnt realize what I was about to do.

Anyway talking about birds. I want to conclude by saying "the reason why birds fly and we don’t is: we don’t have faith in ourselves!!!

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