Saturday, January 19, 2019

GIIS Srijan 2019

Today was our Science and Art expo at GIIS. All the students prepared charts, models, posters, and we had to display to our parents.
I was in English skit and SST project. Arjun was in Yoga.

We went in the school bus and my parents came around 10 a.m.

First, they went to Arjun’s class. It was well decorated class and all kids were happy and cheerful. Many models were displayed. Yoga corner had the most fun. All the kids started to do the asanas’ and they were counting till hundred.

After that they came to my class. I was with the SST team explaining about Qutub Minar. My parents saw all projects and now it was time for my skit.

We performed the skit very well. We were all well-coordinated.

Arjun and I enjoyed today. 

Thanks to GIIS school for hosting GIIS Srijan 2019.
Many volunteers were around and they were helping parents all the while. KUDOS to the GIIS team and kids. My parents appreciated the efforts and looking forward for more such events.


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