Saturday, August 4, 2018

Game Review: Monster Legends

Game: Monster Legends

Platform: Andriod or iOS

Monster Legends is a battle game where you should grow your monsters, breed them, make them powerful, and battle with opponents. There is an Adventure map, Dungeons, and Multiplayer options. 
In Adventure map, you need you complete your level. If you complete, you will get rewards. In Dungeons, there would be hard monsters and you need to kill them with different attacks. If you win, you will get special gifts. In Multiplayer, you can play with players across the world and win trophies.
Monsters need to be fed and their powers increases. There are no default monsters; we need to either breed or buy them. Examples of few monster cards are White walker, CYMO, Fire saur, Thunder bird, and Gigram.

First you do an attack with your monster cards and the opponent attacks back. The maximum number of monsters in a battle are 3.
Each monster battle lasts for 1 to 3 minutes. In the battle, you can use special items such as Phoenix plume

                                                              Image courtesy: Google

This is a good game to keep you glued to the mobile and you will be agog to play this. I have 10 million coins, 51 monsters and I am at level 24. I have completed 78 Adventure maps.
I recommend you to play this game and enjoy the battle!!!!

Aryan and Arjun

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