Sunday, July 5, 2015

Swimming Problem of Arjun

This is my first blog post. Till now, my mamma wrote on behalf of me. But now, I am going to be the owner of this blog. Please do visit and post your comments-Aryan.

I go to swimming. My brother also comes with me for swimming.

One fine day we went to swimming and we were swimming happily.
Arjun doesn’t know swimming and he floats with his arm pads and tube. He wanted to remove his arm pads. Mamma removed it and kept the tube. Mamma told him not to remove the tube.

Arjun removed the tube too. When I was going for diving he was
drowning. I jumped to rescue him .I holded his body, then
swimming sir caught him and gave him to Mamma. I caught his tube.

Mamma gave one nice whack to Arjun. Mamma scolded and told not to go for swimming.


Swaram said...

Welcome Aryan. You must be the youngest blogger.
Stay safe both of you, okay?:)

rashmi said...

Very Good Aryan. I liked Your post :-) Keep it Up

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you write Aryan. This your mamma. For the first time commenting for our own blog entry.
Next time when you try, take care of spaces, periods, flow of sentences...
I know, you can read my past blog entry as well and warn me of the spelling mistakes...

Your Mom