Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Award Time.

It is been ages since I wrote a post. Not my fault, you know how much I have to depend on my Mamma for this posting.
She is busy with her office and MA English course, and claims no time. All lame excuses you know.

Now thanks to Shruti Aunty for this award. You forced me to start blogging again.
I am so happy that my fellow bloggers remember me many a times…Thanks again. I have other pending tags and awards...will be doing it for sure. Now I pass this award to all the blogs that I know. Infact all my blogger friends are “THE BEST”.

Papa: Mamma, I wish you were an Engineer
Mamma: Why Engineers have horns or what?
Pappa: No at least you will teach my son all engineering terms rather than biology…
Mamma: You can always think about an engineering Mamma
Aryan: Papa, how many times I have told you, I want only this Mamma!!!!!!
Papa: Ok, Aryan we will not think about another Mamma.

My Mamma’s mouth is never shut. She thinks that whatever she learned in her school, I should learn now.

The after effect is: I can now identify the leaf having Chlorophyll and Xanthophylls pigments, different difficult parts of flower, types of tress (Coconut and Neem), Nocturnal birds, Three planets (Earth, Mars, and Saturn), my food pipe- wind pipe and its associated logic that I should not laugh or talk when I eat food, my stomach and its grinder, with it associated logic that I should drink water for the grinder to grind the food…blah…blah… blah……….

Well that is one side of my growth. Another side is about my Mamma complaining that my handwriting is not good and I write a word from right to left.

When I write Aryan, I write like this: NAYRA

Come on, I write from 1-20 and A-H, that itself is good enough for me. I don’t care whether left to write or right to left.

Can anyone tell Mamma that rather than concentrating on my studies, she should concentrate on her studies now!!!


Swaram said...

LOL Aryan .. its been soooo long since I hv read ur tales. Thanks Mamma for cmg back :)

Wowww! U know so much abt the human body nw? U shud teach me when we meet next and I hope it happens sooooon :)

Ur new name sounds so cute ... Nayra ha ha ha :D

Unknown said...

My god! aryan!!! Which class do u study in?? Knowing to write 1-20 & A-Z & all those biology lessons!! phew!! Ya! pls tell ur mumma to concentrate on her studies only.. u are managing quite well.

kanagu said...

ha... you are so intelligent :) :)

/*Can anyone tell Mamma that rather than concentrating on my studies, she should concentrate on her studies now!!! */

surely I will tell :D :D

Anonymous said...

Good Aryan,
You know lot's of thing. I know that you are so intelligent. Well-done.
and i miss u lot, and me and divya is waiting for u that come in nagpur.
SO come soon.

lostworld said...

I'm with Shruti..Your mom needs to concentrate on her studies. You are a champ!!:-)) Congrats on those awards. Well deserved.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Swaram Akka—

Shruti's mom—great, hope mamma understands that...

Kanagu anna—You name is still anna...Thanks for twlling my Mamma'

Reshmi Atthai—Thanks Athhai. Will come to Nagpur soon..