Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vacation Updates

It was an impromptu decision by my parents to go to Nagpur by hiring a cab. Well, the reason was, my Aayi and Baba missed us a lot and they wanted me to be with them for Diwali.

All set go…..

We had a gala time for the three days when we were in Nagpur.

• We went to many temples. I saw one big sleeping hanuman god. Then I saw one gigantic ganapathi god with a big belly.
• I played with my cousins: Shithija (the trainer), Shruthi, and Divya. (Ringa ringa roses and train train were my favorite games).
• As usual, I could see, cows, donkeys, goats, buffalo, pigeon, parrots, bullock cart, cycle rickshaw etc etc. I enjoyed every bit of it.
• I was little scared for lighting crackers, but managed to show some courage.
• We lighted mud diyas and my badi mamma drew a couple of beautiful rangolis…(Blue color used more ). My mom forgot to take some snaps…
• Saw two movies, “All the Best” and “BLUE” (But couldn’t see much shark in it)

Random conversations

1. At Hanuman Temple

Aryan: Papa, what are they doing?
Papa: They are giving bath to Hanuman god.
Aryan: Head bath?
Papa: Yes, and see Hanuman god is not crying while taking head bath. So when you take head bath you should not cry. You should call hanuman god and he will give you all the strength.
Aryan: Ok, I will not cry during head bath and will call hanuman god for strength.
Aryan, after sometime: So when should I call Ganapthi god? When I feel sacred of thunder?
Papa: Ok, yes call Ganapthi god when you feel scared.
Aryan: When should I call Saibaba god?
Papa: Call when you are sad.
Aryan: When should I call Saraswathi god?
Papa: ahhhh….call everyone whenever you want please…..

2. On the day of Diwali

Aryan: Mamma, where is my new dress?
Mamma: We didn’t get time to get new one. Wear this, tomm I will get a new one.
Aryan: But mamma, today is Diwali right?
Mamma: Ok, let us ask Baba, if he has got new one.
Baba: Sorry, Aryan. In midst of cleaning the house and painting, I didn’t get time to get a new dress.
Aryan: Baba, today is diwali right? And for diwali we should wear new dress. Isn’t?
Baba (Feeling very sentimental): Ok, let me go and get it now.
Hearing this conversation; my badai papa, went and got one new dress in midst of Lakshmi pooja.
Then my Baba, went and got two new dresses for me. Fish dress and car dress.
My one question about not getting new dress on diwali day has so much weightage???
Well, it was not intentional. My mamma told, we wear new dress on Diwali, so thought will ask them.

3. Shopping with Baba’s friend

My baba has a very very close friend called Pittalwar Kakkaji. He is such an intelligent person that My Mom and Pappa admire him a lot.

Kakkaji: Aryan coming with me to confectionary? I will get some cake for you.
Aryan: Ok, let me change and come.
I sat with him in the Motorbike and went to a nearby confectionary.
Aryan: I want cake and ladooo biscuits.
Kakkaji: Ok, we got them packed. Now what else you want?
Aryan: No nothing.
Kakkaji: Just go, see, and tell me. Pick anything that you feel like eating.
Aryan: No nothing.
Kakkaji: Not even blue gems?
Aryan: No, you said you will get cake right?
Kakkaji: Ok, let us get some gems and chocolates.
Aryan: No, I don’t want.
Kakkaji: See, you have three of your cousin sisters at home, so let us get some chocolates for them.
Aryan: Ok, then you can get it.

After coming home, I just ate the cake, shared it with Shitija, and also gave all the chocolates to my cousins. I didn’t even touch the gems.

My logic is simple. Once I say NO, nothing can change my decision.

Well, a three yr old should know to say “NO”. Don’t you feel so?


Swaram said...

He is growing smarter by the day! Man, I luv him :) Muahsss to Aryan :)

Ws so glad when u told me he remembers me so well :D Blue dress akka ha ha ha :)

He must hv been so happy hvng seen the movie BLUE no :)

Aryan puttu,
Superb logic @ the Hanuman temple :)
N u got so many new dresses Wow Wow :)
U r a darling .. hw well u stick to ur words :)

Hugs to u sweety-pie :D

Shruthi said...

WoW looks like you had great fun sweetie :) and for a three year old you are very strong eh, saying no to blue gems =)
so which God do you call when you go for a hair cut? ;)
and Happy diwali to you and Mamma

lostworld said...

Wow.. Aryan!! Your conversations are becoming more & more adult-like. Its even beyond me.. ;) Don't grow up so soon.

Loved your papa's reply.. "call anyone whenever you want" LOL !!

Unknown said...

Choooooooooo cute! Love the conversations.. aryan u are such a good boy!! :)

K 3 said...

Sounds like you had a fun time. Post some pics too ....

Swaram said...

I cn so visualize V saying that S :P
'call anyone whenever you want'

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swaram Akka—Yes, I remember you very well, how can I forget. You have craved a niche in my "heart"....hugs to you.....
Yes, Papa, got little confused when I asked him more and more quesions about god. Don't you think he should know how to tackle such stuffs from me..

Shruthi Aunty—When i go for haricut, I think I should call..Kali devi...She ususally has long hairs and doesn't cut it regularly I guess.....

Lostworld akka—hee..My mom says the same...maybe I should curb my words...

Shruthi Aunty—Thank you telling that i am a goo Shi...

K3 Aunty—Yes, posting soon...My mom take snaps

Meira said...

You're right. When you say no, you should stick to it. But the rule can be broken for chocolates . Only chocolates, though :P

SVD said...

oh chakudu...

Too smart dear ur ..miss u a lot