Monday, October 12, 2009

Mamma’s Day out

A party organised by my school for all Mammas. It was on 10/9/09. Kids are supposed to sit at home with my Pappas and Mammas are supposed to go to school.
I liked this logic, where Mammas go to school.

As it was a Saturday, Mamma’s office was closed and thus she decided to go. She made breakfast, fed me, and left home by 10 A M. It was a potpourri, where each mamma needs to cook one of the dishes from the menu list. My mamma and cooking???? They are poles apart. She decided to get some sweets from Keshav Reddy shop…thanks to that confectionary opposite to our house.

I was at home with Pappa. I did not disturb him at all. I saw some animal Cds and watched cricket with him. Aryan is a Goo shi now. (Good boy in my code language)
At 1’ o clock, Pappa called Mamma.

Pappa: When are you coming?
Mamma: Another 1 hr?
Pappa: What, Aryan is hungry?
Mamma: Give him Maggie.

Pappa made Maggie. I ate honey loops, Maggie, chips…all those foods that my Mamma tries to avoid from me.

At 2:30, she enters the house happy and smiling.

Party Synopsis: They had a beauty workshop for young mommies, followed by lots of games, activities, prizes/lucky draws…My Mamma also grabbed a James Bond CD (tan…. ta ….daan,, ta ….daaan) as a prize. She got to meet so many masti mommies: Manasa’s mamma, Aarav’s mamma, Sadana’s mamma, Mohit’s mamma, Kush’s mamma, Anshu’s mamma, Anisha’s mamma, Utsav’s mamma, Sandhya Madam and four more mamma’s. (She remembers their name and face, but forgot their kid’s name. Sorry mommies for this faux pas. My mamma seriously needs a memory back up).

My mamma enjoyed a lot and I hope my school organizes such Mamma parties often, where I can also join and see what all these mommies are up to. Well, on such occasions I will not guarantee that I will be a Goo Shii….


SVD said...


We will send mamma once in a while to mommy's day out and we will go out and eat icecreams...ok....


Unknown said...

Hi Aryan's mom.. parties at school are sooo cool na? !! :)
Mommies going to school sounds like fun..

Swaram said...

Oh ho cutie-pie that ws a nice thing @ school na :)

Mumma got 2 njoy so much :)

Mumma is a gud cook Aryan sweety :)
She hs promised me Khadi next time :P

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—Get me Kwality Ice Cream OK???

Shruthi— was indeed very good. I really liked the way, his school organised tips were good—Aryan's Mom

Swaram Aunty—She can get her friend also for the party. Initially she was plannig to call you, then as this was the first time, she was not sure how it would be so she decided to see how it works and then invite you for next time....So next time be prepared to attend party at my school....Aryan's school....

Regrd cooking, comeon what she bribed you to say such goodie stuff about her cooking????????

lostworld said...

Aryan, you are indeed such a Goo-Shi !!!! :)

Mamma's day-out sounds like so much fun! I wish even my mamma also attends there.. LOL ;-)

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Mommy parties sound so cool :) Loved this idea !

Swati said...

wow ..thats sounds like so much fun ..i wish someone from my Aryan's school read your blog and take the clue :P

Aryan-Arjun said...

thank you Lostworld Akka, even you are double goo said you will get blue gems for me right?????

Yes, Kavya's was really fun...shall i change your name to KM (Kavya's Mom)

Swathi Mommy—Yes, it was indeed fun...for my mommy...
and also for me and chubby aryan...we will get some personal space...away from mamma for sometime.....

Deeps said...

its a wonderful initiative by schools.
Mamma has fun and Aryan has even more fun with his mischiefs with no hovering eyes of mamma...LOL!

mnamma said...

Enjoyed a girls day out - Ddn't you AM!!! And Aryan is such a gooshi - no doubt about it.

Meira said...

That is such an awesome hold a parties for moms. And Aryan, I like your mommy. Even I don't like cooking. ;)