Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holiday Status Report

Me, being a Host

1.Y aunty with M friend— Y aunty and M friend came home during holidays. I was waiting for their visit. For the first time, my school friend was coming to my house and I was little not sure how to react. They got a beautiful book for me along with blue gems. Thank you Y aunty for the gifts. Together we played in the tent and also I shared my mud truck. But, when the turn came to play and share with my Tetra cycle, I cried …and refused. You know, I need to learn more in this aspect of sharing……

2.R Uncle visit—R Uncle works with my Mom in her office. He dropped with his wife, M aunty. I cannot claim I was a very good boy when they visited. Like a tail, I was always behind my Mamma. R uncle asked me about green dress akka and Monkey episode (Well it has become so famous!!!) R uncle also gave me a very innovative gift—“A difference puzzle, which puzzled me a lot”. I love it and I play with it very often.

“Why everybody bring gifts when they come home?” I asked this question to my Mom after they left. Well, my Mom chooses to ignore such stuff and she did the same here. She should have given me a convincing answer. She needs to learn a lot about how to manage me. I don’t think she can get the MBA (Managing Brilliant Aryan) certificate in near future. The MBA course evolution history is here. I am happy anyway. Thanks R Uncle and M Aunty.

3.My cousins—My cousins, Shruthi and Shithija, came home. I loved playing with them.

Shitija is so much enthusiastic and thrilling that I am dumbstruck with her activities. She never leaves anything untouched or unexplored. Though one yr younger than me, she gave me climbing exercise training session. Now I climb on the wardrobes, grills, windows, dining table, computer table,…..I loved her training session.

Shruthi is bigger than me by two yrs and she knows lot of stuffs. She reads and writes pretty well and is mostly engaged with this activity.

Altogether we had a gala time and I miss them now.

Name game

I have found a new name to my Mom—Mamma Shark

Reason one: Recently she took me to a shopping mall where I saw a big Aquarium. I asked her where is Shark? She pointed towards one big black fish and said, “This is Shark”. (Well, later from my Papa I understood that we don’t get to see Sharks in aquarium.)

Reason two: The other day, she wore one black dress. Completely black dress. First, I called her elephant, and then I called her Shark. I could recall that Black Shark that I saw in Aquarium. So now I call her “Mamma Shark”.

Every day morning when I wake up, I ask her: Mamma Shark, Mamma Shark, no need to go to school today?

Mamma Shark: Aryan fish, you have to go to school today.

Aryan Fish: Mamma Shark, you are a baa Shi…( Baa Shi..is Bad boy in my code language)

Mamma Shark: Call me Shark, baa shi, elephant, or whatever; you have to GO to school.

Can’t help, but just listen to her………

More and more to write, but Mom is trying to be busy bossy….


Swaram said...

Ws waiting for the updates esp. after u hd told me his cousins are home :)

Wow! Aryan sweetheart, u got training in climbing! Mumma must be busier now then!

Hw is Pappa? What did he get for u from his trip :P

U got so many gifts .. lucky Aryan :)

Mumma Shark ha ha ha U hd been to GVKOne? Nice aquarium no :)

lostworld said...

Me first!

Ah, holiday reports are in.
Nice write-up Aryan Fish. Make sure Mamma Shark doesn't eat you.

Unknown said...

:) mama shark n aryan fish.. how cute!

SVD said...


Haahaha...I guess mamma is going to have a tough time to get the MBA certificate. Let us both join hands for innovative ideas and trouble her more...ok??

BE careful when u climb dear..u might get hurt.



Swati said...

hahaha..he is so cute !

Preethi said...

Hey Aryan sweety.. looks like I have missed so much on your blog.. first Happy Bday.. Hope you had a wonderful one!! You look absolutely adorable in the Kurtha even if you refused to keep it on!! Hope you are feeling all better soon.. and enjoy your gifts from all the guests pouring into your home!! Have a lovely holiday dear!!

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

The mamma shark one was sooo cute !!!

Aryan, you have to be careful while climbing :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swaram Akka, yes i did get training in climbing....Papa is fine. He got some sticker books from US and also some T-shirts...Well, I have to grow a lot to wear those.....
Yes I have been to GVKone..Have you been there..if you go tell Hi to that "Black Shark"..ok? I liked the game zone a lot....I refused to sit in the pink Ballu...what if it takes me to Jungle????

Swaram said...

We wil go together next time Aryan sweety :)

I luv playing games too ;)
Did u go thru the mirror maze :P

Aryan-Arjun said...

Lostworld akka—My mamma doesn't even moderate comments on time....
Need to be creful with Mamma shark ahh????

Shruthi Aunty—Lil'p can be my fellow fish??

Periyamma—How can we easily give her MBA??? After all she is in Aryan's university....!!!!

Swathi Aunty—Thank you. How is my Chubby Aryan doing?

Preethi Aunty—Was missing you here...Happy that you are back...Happy birthday to Cheeky....brother

Lav Aunty—Yes, I will try to be careful..How is kavya and her running session???

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swaran Akka—You are online???? You are like an AIr...present everywhere....Yes, we will go together...call BPM also....Mirror Maze..my mamma did not take..She is one typical lady, who doesn't listen to me

Shruthi said...

heheh i loved your holiday tales. looks like you have been getting amazing gifts. goodie :) and congrats on the training you received. Mamma shark must be on toes forever eh =)

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehhehe sooooooooooo cute Aryan is!! :))

Now, he will not be a "Baa shi" and do what Mom says :D

Smitha said...

Oh my goodness! Aryan is a hoot!

Where does he come up with all this from :)

ROFL at climbing training! You must be an expert climber now, aren't you, Aryan?

Uma said...

Hey Aryan - good to see you back! So lots of gifts eh! That's nice... and don't give amma the MBA degree if she doesn't answer you convincingly ok...

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Mamma shark ... loved this one ! You are so smart Aryan

Aryan-Arjun said...

Shruti Aunty—Hope Mamma shark doesn't become wild....

Smitha Aunty—Climbing is an art. I should train my mamma also.

Uma aunty—Join my hands for not giving her MBA that easily....

NoVa akka—Being Baa Shi is good na!!!!

CA — Should I train junior for climbing exercise???...Yes, Mamma shark...is good as long as she don't gobbles me