Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back or not…..

My Mom has decided to stop blogging. God knows why. She is crazy many a times…
Anyway I will somehow pull her till the 100th post and that post will be about my Birthday which falls on August 27th, 2008. I will be two years old.
What can I do, I cannot write post alone right.

1. Even though now I can recognize and say ABC till Z, I guess that is not enough for me to write post alone without her help.
2. Even though I can say 1-20 on my own I guess that is not enough for me to write posts alone without her help.
3. Even though I can manage and eat alone with a spoon, without making extreme fuss, that doesn’t qualify me to blog.
4. Even though I can sing bollywood songs like “Paappu can dance shalla” and “Bachena he hasseeno” with right tone and vibration, I am still unqualified….
5. Even though I can call my Mom by her name to grab attention, I am unqualified.
6. Even though I can relate and remember all the stories that are told to me (Alibaba and 40 thieves, Monkey and cat, Tarzan, Pati and vadai, Ganapathi story etc etc), I cannot do a post of my own…….
7. Even though I decide when to sleep, when and what to eat, I am not grown enough it seems…..
The bottom line is: I am NOT grown enough to write post without my Mom’s help….
Mommy friends do you have any solution to this??????

My blog friends…Thanks thanks thanks a lot for reading this blog..and I am really happy to have good virtual friends…..I cannot forgot a single person with whom I interacted with…..No words to thank all of you…HUGS to everyone…...

Ok…anyway as this is the 98th post, you have to bear with me for 2 more which will happen soon…

NB: You know what, my Mom is very capricious. I hope she changes her mind soon.


Anusha said...

how long have you been gone, Aryan! you've returned all grown up :) good to see you blogging again...say hi to your mom for me!

mummyjaan said...

Awww, Aryan. Tell your mom that I hope everything is okay with her. It's okay; sometimes mommies can be unpredictable.

I hope she decides to continue blogging.

Take care, little man!

Indian in NZ said...

oh no ! Aryan, please convince your mom that we are addicted to your blog now, where will we go when we need to find out how you are doing ???

Swati said...

Those are quite a many milestones ..OMG and you say you will be just TWO !!!

Hey AM , please dont stop blogging , blog once in a week or once in a month but don't let the blog die ..its such a wonderful memory book.

Preethi said...

No way .. ask mommy to be back.. missing the blogs already and now she wants to stop? No fair!

K 3 said...

Aww hugs to both of you! Please throw a tantrum and get her to come back ... :D

eh mom, did you get my email?

bird's eye view said...

Aww...why are you going away Aryan? we'll miss hearing about you. I loved hearing your blue shi story :)

Hope mamma continues to tell us what you've been up to...