Monday, December 24, 2007

Reading Newspaper

The other day I overheard a conversation between my Mom and my Chella patti.

My Mom said, “I don’t know why I am getting Times of India newspaper at home. My son, Aryan, doesn’t allow me to read”.

Chella Pati replied, “ Pavam, what he does? He simply asks you to show the car picture that comes in the paper. See how happy he is when he sees the car. That too the big black car.”

My Mom says, “Yes yes, after seeing his black car, he roams the whole house with that paper shouting ca, ca. We have to tear that paper from the main page and give him. I have to read news in bits and pieces. The irony is he does not take yesterday’s paper. He wants fresh car from today’s paper, even though the picture is same as that of yesterday’s”. In addition to this, his chella pati prays god that everyday the car picture should come in the TOI paper. Doesn't TOI have any other news apart from posting car advertisements? What all god can do and what all his chella pati wants to pray god. Aryan is really crazy and his chella pati is more crazy. When will Aryans’s car mania stop?"

Mommy friends, am I that crazy ??? I simply ask for car picture from TOI paper


Anonymous said...

Hi Aaru,

Tell mom that there are cars available in the toy shop, on which you can sit and roam around the house. Ask mom to get that or else don't allow her to read the newspaper.


Swati said...

Thats really sweet Aryan..your mom should be proud of you..since you read paper so early in life :)

Indian in NZ said...

Aryan, I agree with your Periyamma :D You are just cho chuweet !

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—Yes Yes, I will tell her to get one BIG car for me.

Swathi Mommy— hhheee. I see the pictures and don't allow her to read.

2B's Mom—Can I call you 2 B's MOM instead of 2 B's MOMMY. Thanks again for supporting my periyamma. I have more votes now.

Timepass said...

Aryan's mom- let him have the car..after all, he is happy with the car's pic and not the real car !!!

Preethi said...

Oh my... not at all Aryan... Nantu takes the car sales ad books from the store and scours every page of it!! Once a friend had taken this book because he wanted to buy a car for himself!! Nantu refused to give it to him..
And I agree with your periamma... you need a huge collection of cars...

Aryan-Arjun said...

Time pass Mommy—Thanks for supporting me.

Preethi Mommy—Thanks for supporting my periamma..