Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mom’s Hair

Combing my Mom’s hair has become my duty of the day. I love to do that. I pull her hair, try to put the hair band, and gives puppy to it.

Everyday she brings the comb and hair clip box near to me and says,
“Aryan, comb my hair.”

I happily do the honors and then I decide which clip she should wear.

The other day she was telling me,
“Aryan, why do you give me green clip for blue salwar”? What can I do, I don’t understand colors!!

To make things easier for me, she changed her hair style. She did a layer cut to her hair and thus all her hair keeps coming out. With this layer cut she can play “Shock Lagalagalaga Shock Lagaga” with me. I blush with laughter when I see my Mom pulling her hair and doing Shock lagalaga ..( A TV Ad for a Switch)

NB: As matter of fact my Periamma’s(Mom’s sister) hair amuses me a lot. She has long fluffy soft straight hair.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Cheers to you for helping your mom.

It is not your mistake if you give her the green clip dear. Maybe, she wears the green salwar the most, so by virtue you have given the green clip. How can my little Aryan go wrong??

Indian in NZ said...

way to go Aryan - already helping mom in whatever way you can! You are just too sweet :-)When you learn colours then you can match your mom's outfit and the clips !

Timepass said...

Aryan, this is my first time at ur blog. loved reading abt u

mummyjaan said...

Ah, the hair stage.... so sweet. Enjoy yourself!

mnamma said...

Way to go Aryan for helping Mom :) Mom you shouldn't complain about him giving the wrong colored clip. Very sweet!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—Thanks periyamma..I hope you give your hair for me to comb.

2 B's Mommy—Yes..just waiting to learn colors..

Timepass—Welcome timepass can read more of my quirks.

Mummyjaan—Yes, my Mom's hair is my favorite. Especially I liked her layer cut..

Mnamma, my favorite mommy friend..I liked it.Good you tell good things to my Mom..

Preethi said...

hahaha.. i am blog linking you.. cant seem to stop reading...
and combing the hair.. oh my nantu does the same.. he is 3 and still into this.. and now I cut my hair too and guess who is mad!!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Preethi Mommy—all mommy's are the same!!!