Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Walking…a new ordeal

So the D-day Arrived. I was at Shiridi, a city in Maharashtra, on my first Birthday (27/08/07). My parents took me the Saibaba Temple. All my family members we there and as usual I was cranky as I saw many unknown faces in the temple. Another lesson I learned is that when I am out of my house I get to see many people. Some of them try to play with me or hold me. But how can I leave my Mom and go in their hands. I am stuck with my Mom like Fevicol glue.

Nowadays exactly at 5:30 P.M., I start blabbering mamma mamma and I search the whole house because that is the time my Mom comes from office. I hold my Granny’s finger and walk around the whole house. As you all know that I can walk with support now, but my Father wants me to walk without support. I hold his fingers and walk and in-between he tries to leave the support. I get scared sometimes and I sit down so that I don’t fall down. My Father says he will take me to doctor if I don’t walk by myself before 15 months. Now I am on my 13th month. So what will the doctor do? Will he give me Visyneral Zinc drops? I got scared by the idea of taking me to doctor and I thought I should show my walking capability to my father.

Yesterday, I started walking alone on the Bed. Now I can walk alone, say about 5-6 baby steps, if I am on the Bed. The moment I am told to walk alone on the floor I get scared. I hope one day or the other I walk alone..alone …alone. . . .. on any surface….


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

I would very much love to see your small baby steps dear...do write more.

noon said...

Oh Aryan - why doctor! No no, tell him nothing to worry at all. You are going to be walking and running around so much soon - he will think to himself - I should be careful what I wish for next time! :) You are going to make him rediscover all the things in the house! :))

noon said...

By the way - wish you a very very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noon Aunty..Thanks for your birtday wishes and thanks for encouraging me..Soon I will run and make a mess...around.