Monday, March 28, 2011

Life of Aryan’s Brother

Well, that is not easy. At times, Aryan Dada comes very near to me. Sometimes he thinks to pull my head, sometimes shows some rattle, which invariably falls on my eyes. But whatever said and done, he loves me a lot.

Yesterday my mamma as usual went to office. My aayi was with me. As soon as she put me in Jula, I started crying. I cried incessantly for 45 mins. Aryan Dada immediately called my mom on her mobile.

Aryan, “ Amma, ethu rumba than kattharathu. Nee chikaram vaa…enodo kathu valikarathu.” (This kid is crying a lot, you come fast, my ears are paining hearing this.)

After this Aryan Dada took one of my Mom’s photo and showed me. He gave me her dupatta, thinking that I would be pacified by that. Well, he used to be like this when he was small.

Nothing helped. Immediately in 15 min, my mamma was at home. God knows whether she came home due to my crying or Aryan dada’s ear paining. As soon as I saw her, I stopped crying and started smiling at her!!!

She stayed with me for couple of hours and went to her office again after making me sleep.

Little talks that I overheard:

Aryan, “Mamma, let us not throw this baby down. He is becoming cute nowadays.”

Mamma, “Ok, but who told you that we are going to throw him anyway.”

Aryan, “I thought myself that one day I will throw him out, but now I will not.”

Mamma, “ Phew!@!!!

Good that Aryan Dada has changed his mind....Hope he remains the same...


Swaram said...

Aww Arun, I soo want to see that smile of urs too, sooon :)
Aryan Dada wanted to throw u down :P :P

Timepass said...

aryan dada u r great! LOL..arjun...just wait for some more time and ur dada will stop troubling u

svd said...

oh sweet aryan,

How smart of u to pacify Arjun with mama's photo and dupatta..ur so sweet kisses to u dear


Anonymous said...

Ah thats a cute post..I am one of your new readers..

Swati said...

LOL ! I can imagine my future :D The conversation is way too cute.

kanagu said...


Arjun.. ur bro takes real good care of you... try to bring down your decibel while crying :) :)

Be good to Aryan :)