Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Holi

This week, I am at home. Some short break from school. Sunday I played Holi with my Pappa.

Of late I have developed the habit of visualizing myself as Chota Bheem. I think so much about him that I have started making cards for his birthday party. My Mom is getting worried about this Chota Bheem fascination. I hope she takes me to Chota Bheem’s Bada birthday Party.!!!!


Swaram said...

Whoa! U r bk here:) U r Chota Bheem Aryan and ur brother is Arjun too :)
Shud meet u ppl sometime soon :)

noon said...

Hello Chota Bheem! How you have grown! Unbelievable! I have known you since you were an infant!