Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a Start..

I get up at 4 in the morning, make odd noises, turn over and push my Mom and brother from my cot. Typically, this is how my day begins. What else a 5 months old kid can do? I am not aware what my Mom expects from me!!!!

Aryan dada is very nice to me. But today morning, he also got irritated and started scolding me!!!! God knows what he said.

Well, not only in the mornings, during the day also I show my true colors. I am fully active and I DON’T SLEEP AT ALL….

Neither I play alone nor do I play with toys. I need someone to talk with me 24/7. At present my Baba (grandpa) is taking care of me. I think my Aayi and Baba are underestimating my capacity to trouble them. They think if I sleep during day, I am a good boy. Well, this is just a start…hope they stay till the end!!


Tan said...

Have a nice time with Aryan Dada, Aayi and Baba :)

Swaram said...

He he! Gud gng Arjun!

kanagu said...

he he he... throw some tantrums Arjun..else they won't have anything to say about you when u grow up :) :)

Keep them busy... :)