Monday, March 12, 2007

Apple and Amma

A for “Apple”. When I heard the word Apple I felt very funny or rather I couldn’t stop my laughter. I squealed with delight, jumped with excitement, shouted with joy. I laughed and laughed until my stomach pained.

My Father said, my Mom said, my Grandma said, “Apple Apple Apple”. They just wanted hear my rolling laughter and see my giggling face. I enjoyed every instances of the word—Apple, being pronounced.

Now when my Mom calls from office, she asks my granny, “How are you and how is baby apple?” Is he crying? Anyway Apple and Amma are good friends. So he will not cry.”

Note: My granny’s name is Amma. That is what my Mom calls her.

Thus evolves a new name—Apple, and a new pair—Apple and Amma. I heard my father saying that this pair is like Munna Bai and Circuit. Who are they? God knows.

Any way, the great Aryan is also known as Apple now.

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