Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beginning of the eighth month

I am in the eighth month of my life journey. Now I understand the world around me. I know my Mom’s face, her voice, her nose, her eyes, her hands, her dress and of course her friend—Heather Smith

The other day every one in my house was busy. My Mom was busy cleaning the house, my Dad was busy going out to buy something and my Grandma was busy with cooking. No one had time to cuddle with me and play with me. Usually I shout when I am not the centre of attraction. This time for a change I kept mum. I just wanted to know what was happening.

Then suddenly I heard the horn of the car and my Mom went outside, as if she was just waiting to hear this horn. She went out and came inside the house with Heather Smith.

Heather Smith? Who is this? I was wondering. Well, she is my Moms colleague. She came all the way from her place just to see me. She was so different from my Mom in looks but I could feel the warmth and love in her face. She was as sweet as my Mom. She has a son of my age. Probably not of my age, I am bigger than Miles (That is what Heather calls her son) by one month and six days. She took me in her arms. She played with me for sometime.

So now, I also recognize my Moms friend—Heather Smith.

In other words a seven month old baby understands and recognizes the faces of their dear ones. Heather Smith is no longer a stranger to me as she resembles my Mom is her action.

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Heather said...

Miles would like to meet the wonderful Aryan. Mommy left Miles at home with his daddy to visit Aryan; he must be a great boy.