Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The teacher asked the whole class, “Who is the most obedient student in 2 F?”

Everyone shouted, “Aryan Aryan Aryan….”

I felt immense joy when I heard this….but was not sure that it will lead me to the “GOOD JOB BADGE”.

THANK YOU very much MADAM for encouraging me…..

My Mom on the other hand is worried. She is always worried. (I bet she will also be worried, if I don’t get the Badge)

She says; I should not be obedient …..to everyone.

Nowadays she is changing her ways. She keeps saying, gone are those days, when good deed pays you. Now, it is time to be a little bad and smart. All her preaches about sharing, being nice, being obedient, being calm, following the rules etc etc …are not needed anymore it seems…

Sometimes she says, it is ok to be bad/smart and do what you feel. . rather than listening to everyone around the world, feeling compelled, getting bullied, and others taking us for granted…..What do you say friends…?

Probably, she should change first....

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