Monday, June 17, 2013

What kind of Mom you are??

It is my turn to go to school now. After school I will be in Day care till the evening. My Mom is not bothered much about this….probably she is ready to part me …and drop me in unknown hands. Probably she trust the people whom she drops me….But I am scared….worried….annoyed…and tired..

Mom; why are you like this? I listen to you, I share my snacks with you, I play with you, I am always behind you like a tail, but still you drop me to unknown hands. Of course they try to pacify my shrieking and yelling, but still I miss you Abba….and remember you after every 1 hr.

My eyes look for you…My ears wait for your call….My brain thinks about you….

Today morning, anyway I knew you would drop me, so I took a Handkerchief that had a picture of Mamma Bear and Arjun Bear.
Whenever I think about you today, I will look into it…!!!! Waiting for you to come fast…..:-(

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