Thursday, June 6, 2013


Arjun, “I don’t want to sleep…..if I sleep, I may wet the bed.” (Mamma scolds me if I wet my bed)
Arjun, “ I don’t want to go to Kangaroo is very very spicy!!!! (Kangroo kids is my pre-school…)
Arjun, “I don’t want to play with Dada…because he is a Boodha (Ghost).”
Arjun looking at Mamma, “I don’t want to see are very scary.. (Papa nods yes to this statement)
Arjun, “I can’t hold a glass of water also…Mamma make my hand big!!!”

Aryan, “I don’t want to drink boost…what one glass of boost will give me…10 hands or what?”
Aryan, “I don’t want to play with Arjun… because he don’t follow game rules”
Aryan, “I don’t want to read books…reading is a pain in my brain.”
Aryan, “ I can’t dance…dancing is girls job…”
Aryan, “I can’t write Hindi Matra words Mamma….You write the words, I will put only matras!!!
Aryan, “I don’t want to swim…I am not a fish!!!!”

Mamma wondering how to deal with Nos/Can’t/Don’ Aryan Arjun's household.....

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Swaram said...

Kangaroo kids and spicy?
Reading is a pain in the brain!