Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cutting Ears

Aryan, “ Mamma, I only gave the library book to teacher, not the other HW book”
Mamma, “ Why?”

Aryan, “I forgot.”

Mamma, “OK”

After sometime, Mamma questions me, “ Aryan, how can you forget? Both the books were kept together in the bag. So, when you took your Library book, you must have seen the HW book right?

Aryan, “No, I forgot”

After sometime…

Mamma, “You know Aryan, Murugan ummachi ( Murugan God) is running here and there with a knife.”

Aryan, “Why?”

Mamma, “To cut the ears of kids who lie”

Aryan keeping his hand on ears, “Mamma, I forgot.”

Mamma, “What you forgot dear, I did not ask you anything. Oh, that topic of giving book!!! Did you really forgot or you didn’t want to give?
Remember murugan ummachi running here and there with a knife.”

Aryan, “Actually Mamma, I didn’t want to give”

Mamma, “Great…you told the truth. Whatever it is, Aryan always you should say the truth to Mamma and Papa. We know everything.”

Aryan, “Even Papa knows everything?”

Mamma, “Yes.”

Aryan, “Even Murugan ummachi knows everything?”

Mamma, “Yes, of course”

Aryan, “Phew”

At night…….
Aryan, “Mamma, cover my ears!!!!”

Mamma, “You don’t worry, you have told the truth”

Mamma thinking, “Is there any other lie that I did not catch?????


Vidya said...

Evil you!:) Wait till he grows up!

Swaram said...

:P :P :P

Comment on previous post here too :P Am too lazy to go bk again ;)

Plsss share the rockstar pic soon :)
And aww on Arjun rotating like a clock. Sounds so cute :)

kanagu said...

Murugan Vel vachi than paathu irukken.. kathi koodava??? MURUGA :) :)

Destination Infinity said...

The art of lying can be perfected as long as they are covered up. One just needs to flip through the various news channels to learn that trick. So, next time instead of Cartoons, he should watch the news...

Destination Infinity

Tharani said...

LOL.. poor kiddo.. I have missed many posts here. Going back to read them :)

Preethi said...

Mean mommy! :p

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said...

Oh .. Ican understand.. My 4 yr old has started lying too :(