Monday, December 21, 2009

Party time!!!

My Mamma is the cruelest creature in this world.

In the morning, I asked one hundred times: Are u also going to be with me for my Christmas Party.

She said: “Yes” and made me get ready.

Now when we reached school:

She said, “Let us ask the teacher whether I can be in”.

Slowly in a sham manner with sign languages she asked my teacher, she dropped me, and went away somewhere with my papa…

Holidays are only for them or what?

I cried my level use. Somehow, later on Sujatha madam pacified me.

She is indeed a baa shiii…..


SVD said... sweet aaru...dont cry dear...enjoy ur party with ur friends..we will fight with mamma later.

Shruthi said...

Aryan sweetie you have a blast ok.. then you can tell mamma how you had fun without her ;)

Smitha said...

Aww! Poor Aryan! Am sure you must have had a lovely party :)

Aryan's mom - I wish my daughter were like this. She has very clear rules for me - 'School is not for you -its for little children like me, So you need to drop me, and say bye bye and go home, ok?' :)