Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me and My Mamma-Part 2

I have five friends in my each hand:
Ring man
And Short man
I love them a lot and always sing about them.
Yesterday my Mom was shouting at me for some reason.
I warned her: Mamma, don’t point fingers with Pointer!!! I was just practicing to use my new vocabulary. Well, it worked and mamma stopped pointing fingers on me.
Mamma: Aryan, very difficult to get an auto. We are getting late to school and office.
Aryan: Call an auto and tell the driver that we need to go to “V IT” park. Give him Rs 50. Then we can go. That is it. Don’t worry!!!
Mamma (wondering): When did this guy know that my office is at V IT park?
Aryan: Mamma, get me a blue bus.
Mamma: Ok
Aryan: Not a toy bus, I need big blue bus
Mamma: Why?
Aryan: After school, I will drive and come to your office. I will pick you from your office in my big blue bus. Ok?
Mamma: You are small now, how you can drive?
Aryan: “IF” I grow big, I will drive.
Mamma: NOT “IF” Aryan. You should say “WHEN” I grow big. Anyway you will grow in few years.
Aryan: I am three yrs right? I am still not big Mamma?


SVD said...


Just cant beleive ur 3, but rendering dialogues of 10-year-old..hahaha

Mamma might be having difficult time with u...Eagerly waiting to see you darling


Swaram said...

Oh ho Aryan, Mamma works in VIT park is it? I did nt know that ;)

I will never point my Pointer @ u .. okk :)

Swati said...

ohh God ..he is so matured ..i cannot believe his talks :)

lostworld said...

Made me smile! He does have a ready retort ..

Smitha said...

Wow! Aryan is one smart kid :) You know, the kids pick up so much! Poohi knows our address properly - because she hears me say it so often! It never fails to amaze me how much they pick up by observing us :)

Shruthi said...

aww can you sing that song for me Aryan? would love to listen to it :)

Anonymous said...

hi everybody...thanks a lot for commenting...
Happy Christmas to all of you....

Aryan's Mom