Thursday, November 22, 2007

I understand many things…

Why does MOM think I don’t know the world around? In fact many a times she doesn’t cotton to my language. Simply because I cannot say any other words apart from Mama and Papa doesn’t mean that I don’t know to express my thoughts…..

Yesterday evening my Mom went to light lamp. Everyday she does that and she tells me “Come Aryan we will pray ummachi and light lamp”. So I marched behind her. First she cleaned and wiped the temple, then she drew rangoli, then she made thiri—small thread made of cotton. (As unusual I asked her to give me some cotton to play). Then she poured oil in the lamp and she started searching for something. I exactly knew what she was searching for.

One another timepass for me is to roam the whole house shaking a matchstick box in hand. This continues till I see some thing else exciting and thus I drop the box. Someone else picks up the box and keeps it safe. Yesterday it was my grandmother who picked the matchstick box and kept it on the top of the computer table.

So now back to story…When I saw my Mom searching for matchstick box, I ran to the computer room. I saw the matchstick box on the computer table. My tiny hands couldn’t reach the table. There were so many things scattered on the table and matchstick box was one among them. It was kept on top of a newspaper. Somehow I managed to get hold of the paper edge pulled it. The matchstick box along with so many stuffs fell down.

“Aryan where are you and what are you doing?”, that was my Mom shouting from pooja room.
I was all excited to get the matchstick box. I grabbed it in my hands and went to her and gave her. She was so happy to see that. More than happy she was surprised and was thinking how come 14-15 months old baby understand that we need matchstick to light lamp.

She kept on telling that “I did a good job good job….”Yes of course I helped my mom and did a good job, but why is she forgetting that I know and understand many things. I see her doing the same process everyday and I know that after you pour oil in the lamp you have to light it with a matchstick. I am no longer a Baby…I am a grown up toddler…Don’t you agree with me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

So nice to see ur intelligence dear. I just cannot beleive that you have grown up to understand this much. Anyhow..good job..dear keep it up...but dont open the match box to play..ok??


Aryan-Arjun said...

Yes my dear periamma..when are you comin to see me..I can pull your long hair and play with it.

mummyjaan said...

Hi, Aryan. I'm back to see your exploits, I see you have been doing well. I'm sure you understand *much* more than your dear mum thinks you do!

Enjoy exploring your world.

Much love,

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Mummyjaan...