Monday, August 6, 2007

My Mom says I am Naughty

After August 27th 2007, I will be one yr old. WOW one year of life. What all transformations and adaptations!!

My Mom says that I have grown very fast. When I was born
1.I did not even open my eyes for two days.
2.I was blind for 45 days and did not understand my Mom’s face. I was a dumb boy.
3.There was no Hand and Eye coordination in me.
4.I thought if a toy is dropped down, then it disappears. I was not mature enough to understand that it fell down and I have to pick that.

Now I understand a lot
1.I play Peekebo with Mama.
2.I play Hide and Seek with Papa.
3.I look up to see aeroplane flying.
4.I watch bows bows running and sometimes get scared.
5.I obey my mom when she is angry.
6.I like to play with Papa’s mobile and open Mamas wallet.
7.I crawl behind mobile toys to get hold of them. I have a Car and a Fish.
8.I pull Mama’s hair and bite Papa’s cheeks.
9.I stand and walk with support.
10.I am 74cm tall and 8.5 kg in weight.
11.I hold biscuit in my hand and eat myself.
12.I love to eat all the things that are lying on the floor.

One day I was doing R and D with a weird thing. I was trying to find out how it works. “Oops Aryan, …..Throw it away”.

With a loud shrill my Mom snatched that thing from my hand and threw it away. She washed my hand with soap and was very much scared and surprised. When I stared at her for this behavior she said I had caught hold of a dead Cockroach.!!!!

If I am not supposed to play with it why do they keep such things in my vicinity?


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Aryan....Cockroaches are insects dear..You are not supposed to play with them.

Tell your parents that i told them to call the Pest control people and disinfect the house.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

How are you planning your birthday bash!!!!!! Do write more