Thursday, August 2, 2007

At last moved to Hyderabad. . .

Bangalore to Hyderabad by Kingfisher Airlines was a very quick journey as I slept all the time. I was basking in my Mom’s shoulder and when I opened my eyes I could see a big empty house. I reached Hyderabad before even I could realize. So what got changed?

A big house and more space to crawl…..

My staple food on that day was “Processed Mixed Vegetable Ceralac”. No rice, No pulses and No boiled Vegetables. I was bored eating Ceralac. When I hesitated to eat my Mom simply said,” No Aaru, you have to eat this. There is no gas connection to cook for you” After making me eat or rather making me swallow, all of us went to a near by restaurant. Mama and Papa ate different types of colorful food and they pacified or rather settled me with a Vanilla Icecream.

So what does that mean? Hyderabad means no Gas connection?
Gas connection? My Mom is a big time user of jumbo and bombarding jargons which I am not aware of…….

Readers, please tell her to explain me in my baby language!!!! Will you?

You know one thing; I am no longer a baby now. I will be completing 12 months on 27th August, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Nice to see your post after long time. How is Hyderabad dear? Do write frequently from now onwards.

Deepak said...

Hi Aryan

Good to see that u are settling in Hyd. Plz convey my regards to ur Mom and Dad. :).

Deepak A