Thursday, May 11, 2017

My attempt to write a story

Under the chestnut tree, I was a lazy cat with blue eyes and black fur. I was futzed in eating the boring and useless food. My favorite time pass was to see many people roam by. Some of them were malformed and some of them make an attempt to deform me by throwing stones. I pay back by scratching them. As anon as possible, a passerby becomes a mediator to stop the fight. These fights gave me lot of nicks and bruises.

One fine day I saw an old man who had lots of humility in him. Suddenly, he ran towards me and fetched me from my place. Then we ran towards his house as it was announced in the news that a vortex is about to hit us. He saved me and I became his pet. He cleaned my bruises and nicks. From then onwards, I never got distressed. I am thankful to this man who is a great doodler and a jester in the king’s court.

Aryan Vishal

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Anonymous said...

Aaru..growing way too fast. Using the vocabulary randomly to build a sensible piece of reading is an art dear. I wonder how you linked all those words...good ..keep it up..looking for more...