Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aaru katthara….(Who is shouting)

Aaru katthara….. is my best phrase throughout the day.

If I hear a dog shouting, I would say this phrase, get one ladle from the kitchen and mimic as if I am beating the dog..
Addi Addi…Rombathan kattharai …Doggy Arjunuku bhayamairukka!!! (beat are shouting too much… …Arjun is feeling scared!!)

For any noise that I am scared, I do this and get rid of my fear!!!

So when it is time to play hide and seek after dinner, and if my mom is seeking me and Dada.….she applies the same logic.

My Mom simply asks, “ Aaaru Katthara….”

Then I suddenly get scared, I run from my hiding place and start doing addi addi…She ends up finding us. This is one of the reasons Dada doesn’t want to hide along with me….

Another reason is my names….From 10 names of Arjun, we use four in our household.

My mom always says…Arjuna, phalguna, paratha, keerthi vahana….. Instead of keerthi vahana, me and Dada use “mooshi”..

So whenever she says..”Arjuna, phalguna…”

I say, “ Partha..mooshi…”

then Dada says, “ Moosi ballu ..ballu mooshi!!!”

All in the game of Hide and Seek…At the end, we ourselves don’t know who is hiding and who is seeking….!!!!