Monday, November 16, 2009

The outcome is:

I became one peacock……blue peacock with long feathers….

When my turn came, I climbed on the stage and called, “ Mamma, Mamma”. Peacock’s Mamma also climbed the stage.

I held the microphone and asked my Mamma, “What should I say Mamma?”
She prompted “Say, I am a peacock and I am a National bird”
Like a parrot, I said the same.
Then asked her again” Mamma, what should I say now?”
She said, “Say I can dance”
I said the same thing.
When I said this, everyone shouted “Dance peacock Dance”

Then I attempted to dance and ran away from the stage.

Overall, it was fun. The program ended with some songs and the school management gave certificates to all the kids. My parents really liked the way it was organized. Kudos to them.

I could see most of my friends in tribal, Krishna, and Narada outfit. Few beautiful girls choose to be fairy, butterfly, Mother Teresa, Lady Bird. I could see Monkey, Pirate, Spiderman, Gabber Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose. One pair chooses to be Adam and eve. One little boy opted for “Grape bunch”. His Mamma made that costume for him.

Will post the pictures soon…


SVD said...

Hi tillu,,

So dressed in your favorite color blue....where are the photos?????



Swati said...

wow innovative ..but a post about fancy dress without pcitures :((

Swaram said...

Gabbar singh too ha ha ha ;)
So u found lot of tribals Aryan :P Ppl stole ur Mowgli idea probably ;)

Adam and Eve - ha ha :)

Waiting for the pics :)

Savitha said...

oh,so cute! Love to see Aryan in his fav blue color as a peacock.

Pics please :P

Unknown said...

Choooooooo cute! Peacock eh??? I want pics I want pics!!!

lostworld said...

Superb !!! I want the pic pls??
And a video of the dancing & talking peacock!

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Aryan, you must have looked so pretty in ur peacock dress :-) Waiting to see the snap !

Deeps said...

Well done,Aryan! You became a peacock. Do let know mama that I'd love to see the sweet peacock's snap.

K3 said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun! Kudos to you and your mom for I am sure it was an effort.

Aryan-Arjun said...

thanks Mamma is acting very busy I guess and she is not keeping that welll (all natak you know)....I will probe her to post the photo soon...
Thanks again my friends.....