Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My Mom is cruel. She updates my blog, but she doesn’t get time to read my mommy friends blog? When I asked her what happened to my friend Chubby Aryan, she says she did not read……because she is held up with something else…god knows when this break will finish. She said Chubby aryan eats star potatoes....

The tenure of the break is extended from July to August. That is, she will be into active blogging only after first week of August..…too much this is. I am being deprived from knowing about my mommy friends.

Ok another milestone

I have learned to say “NO”

Incident One—Yesterday papa came from office and told me to get ready. Mama was busy cooking, My Papa took me to the cupboard where my cloths are kept. I chose to wear a BLUE shirt that my periyamma got. (Blue is a part and parcel of my life. I sleep with blue crayons, blue cardboard stars that my Chella patti made, blue car, blue bedsheet, ……what not.) Then I wore my blue shoe and went out with Papa. Mama thought we are going for an ice-cream, she waved her hands and went to cook. Papa took me to a studio. He wanted to take passport size photo of mine. He told me to sit and pose; I simply waved my hand and said “NO”. Again he asked me, thinking that a 20 months old kid cannot make decisions. But again I said “NO” and walked away.

My Papa was surprised as to the fact that” I cannot even pronounce my name, still I can make my own decisions” Poor papa learned that I have my own choices and thus ended up getting me ice-cream and we went home.

Incident two—“Aryan come for food” My mom said. I replied, “NO”. Mama said. What?. I said, “NO Food”. She was baffled. She, Papa and Chella patti ate and I was playing around. When I was hungry, I went to kitchen, took one spoon and plate and asked mama to give me food.

So that is me, the little Aryan who is growing into a little dependent boy. My mom no longer needs to decide when I need food, when I should stop eating, when I should take head bath, , when I should sleep, what dress I should wear, what biscuit I should eat ….blah blah blah…I know when I should do all these things..


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet aaru

Good decision making skills. I guess you will do MBA much faster than your mom..anyhow...i wish you got the passport size photos clicked so that i can see your latest photos..it has been a long time since ur mom posted one...grrrrr


rayshma said...

oh sweetie! u're growing up so quick! ur mom shouldn't be taking any breaks from blogging at all! by the time she's back, god knows how much u'd have grown?! DO get ur photos clicked though... would love to see :)

Anonymous said...

No updates from ur mom eh, well let the aunties come to you and give u updates! :) Sound good?

So Kochunni like Green - the first color he will see anywhere is Green and yes he says No in style with a nod of his head and all the drama!

K3 Aunty

Indian in NZ said...

Cho chuweet Aryan....you are really growing up so fast. I wish your mom wasn't taking such a long break..

Trishna said...

Wowww thats so sweet.. and sweetheart ask your mommy to take a break..from your break to post :)
No? hehhee

mnamma said...

We'll watch out for this little independent boy! Been on a break for some time. Nice to read about Aryan :)

Monika said...

Aww...such a cute blog. I love the
way Aryan writes.......:)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—Thanks ..will post photo soon

Rayshma AKKA—Yes I am ..Can I be your prospective Son-in-Law???

K3 Mommy—Ahh..kocchuunni is with green color..I love it..What are your plans for his birthday..??

2b's Mom—even i wish she devotes some time to me...but what to do???

Trisha Mommy—Seeing you after a long time...I had some access problem with Sunshine's blog...I will tell my mom to be away from break..

MNamma—Waiting for M and N to come to hyderabad...

Monika Aunty—Thanks and Welcome to my blog..will visit there soon....

Swati said...

Ohh I tell you ..you and Chubby Aryan are growing up to be independent ppl before we mothers could imagine. You friend , goes to kitchen and tries to fetch himself water and milk.

Preethi said...

keep up the independence dear!! And time your mom is back to blogging.. no more extended breaks please!!

Mama - Mia said...

too much i say!! :)

soon you will be helping your mommy with stuff!!

or will you say no even then??!! :p



bird's eye view said...

wow, I'm glad you know your own mind. do you think you could tell your friend puddi to come eat when she feels hungry too?