Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Boy versus Bad Boy

My Papa asks me:
1.Aryan, you want Mama or Papa? The answer to this question depends. When Mama is giving me food or telling me a story, I say Mama. When Papa is swinging me in Jula or making me sit on cycle (Oh yes, I got my first vehicle. Will do a post about it), I say Papa. When both of them are sitting and asking me, is say..MaaPaa…or PaaMaaa

2.Aryan, Are you a good boy or bad boy. I used to say Goobo.(shortcut for goodboy) before, now I say only Baabo.( shortcut for badboy)”. Because whenever I say goobo, my Mom tells, see you are a good boy so you should eat food. Then she feeds me. Again she uses the same good boy logic to make me sleep, make me wear the dress that I don’t like, make me sit in one place and eat…all stuffs that I don’t like. Thus nowadays I myself I say Baaboo…I have declared myself to be a BAABOO (BAD Boy) and I am proud about it….What say mommies????

BTW—My Mom’s computer has gone nuts. It never ever shows any updates from the fellow bloggers and one fine day it shows some 4-5 post together. Thus I don’t have any idea about what my Mommy friends are upto. Heard from my Mom that there was a Mega Baby shower….


SVD said...

Oh Tillu,

Long time since i commented dear..So you have taken the courage to say you are a bad boy and do more bad things??? great idea...any how you are my good, sweet and smart aaru


The E HomeMaker said...

good to see you by.
aww baby you ought to be a good boy ALWAYS. mommy daddy wil love you anyways, but if you want EVERYONE to love you, you have to be a good boy baby!
hope you are not troubling mommy much these days.
Yes i will try to keep posting now.
i am a bad blogger i know *blushes*.

Aryan Mangal said...

Hi Aryan,

One day your mom visited my blog and since then I check out your blog every so often. Nice to see you growing and getting naughtier (Look who is preaching). Check out my new pics and videos too. I just turned 20 months and slowly started developing my social skills. Hope I will make friends with you one day.

Your younger HumNaam
Yashu (Aryan)

Kodi's Mom said...

baboo Aryan is totally cute :) yea, it goes get boring to be the goobo all the time...wty, Aryan!

Swati said...

LOL at the bad are very smart boy is what i would say :)

mnamma said...

LOL! He has turned the tables on you pretty quick didn't he? :)

Angel... said...

WOW..Aryan I think you are a good boy...

Asha said...

No no.. you are no baaboo, you are goobo! LOL!! That was so cute :)

Asha said...

Aryan, you have been awarded :)

Emaan said...

i agree with all the other aunties aryan, ur a good-boy n very handsome too.. mamma takes good care of u !
tell me again AM, how and with what did u start aryan on semi-solids ? emaan is 4 months plus, ive started him on mashed banana & dall / rice water.. any other suggestions ? pls mail me

emaan's mom

Mama - Mia said...


thats soooo cuuuttee!! :)

aryan is really smart!! he knows whats right for him!!;)