Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where can I take my Mom and run away?

I woke up in the morning to see my Mama sleeping next to me. I went near her, laid my head on her stomach and woke her up. That is how I do everyday.

She took me in her arms, kissed me and took me to bathroom for shoo..shi…etc

Now my tension started. Again another day has begun and my Mama would leave me and go to office within an hour. She brushed my teeth, gave me bath and she also got ready. She wore her office dress.

Where will I go and hide my Mom? I took her to kitchen, I took her to bathroom, I took her out of the house. I just wanted to run away with my Mama before my granny holds me and takes me away from my Mom. But where ever I go with my Mom, my Granny follows me like a …..

She says, “Come Aryan, Mama has to go to office”

I started crying. Granny showed me Fish toy, the colorful Butter fly, my new picture book …..Soon I forgot that my Mom left me behind. After my Mom goes, I am happy with my granny playing and amusing her the whole day.

Another day in my life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

Very sad to see you tensed dear...but dont worry...ask your mom to put you in a creche so that you can have lot of people to meet and play.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hi Anonymous,

Will my Mom be with me in the creche?

mummyjaan said...

:) You're a bit young for a creche, Aryan, but it's great that you have Gran looking after you. Yay for Grandma! Second only to Mum....

When are you coming over for a play-date with my Little Monkey?

mynanhipari said...

Hey..cool blog Aryan!...I love the way you narrate things.

Blog hopped here from Kodi's...you too check it out...you can get a lot of ideas from him too:)...he he he:P

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hi mummyjaan..Mom says you live far away and cannot take me to your home..she is becoming very dominating these days...any help from your side?

Hi mynanhipari...thanks for visiting my blog and giving me suggestions about Kodi..
He is my big brother and soon I will follow the great leader..

Rachel said...

hello! very impressive narration!!

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Sounds familiar to my poppin's life :)