Thursday, April 19, 2007

Transition Period

So as the contract ends…thus my first granny goes to her place. Now it is my Father’s Mom’s responsibility to take care of me.

The outcome of this transition is unimaginable. But I am facing it bravely.

The day my Grandma number 2 arrived I cried looking at her. I was all attached to my first grandma. But did I ever know that she will leave me and go far away? No I didn’t. But she did exactly the same. When I was little bit comfortable with Grandma 2, she left me with her. Now I miss my first Granny.

Another outcome of the transition is the language they talk. They talk different languages. My Mom says Grandma number 1 talks Tamil, which is what my Mom talks, while Grandma number 2 talks Marathi and that is what my Father talks. Listening to what both of them say does make a difference to me. Now I don’t understand what to do. I find it very difficult to understand Grandma number 2.

What are this Tamil and Marathi? And why it is causing so much confusion to me? Can anyone help me? Do all the kids have the same problem?

I cannot communicate to my Granny 2 and let her know that I am feeling sleepy. The other day I felt so sleepy and was signaling her. My symptoms for sleep are —to squeeze my eyes, to yawn more than three times, and at last to utter the word “Inga”. Granny 2 did not understand what “Inga” meant. I felt so sad and irritated. I didn’t know what to do. I pulled her hair and bet her on her face and cheeks. I was very violent and naughty. I was trying to jump from her hands. She was not able to figure out what was going wrong with me. But patiently she sensed I am cranky and wants to sleep. So at last she put me in the cradle, rocked little and I slept.

The moral of story is—lack of proper communication causes grave problems.

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