Thursday, January 25, 2007

Visyneral drops ..... Ohhhhhh. (18th January 2007)

Visyneral drops-Jan 18th

It is a zinc nutritional supplement which I need to administer everyday. But my question is, when I drink my mom’s milk—the best food, why should I drink such drops?

The smell of it irritates me. It doesn’t have the sweet aroma. It tastes bad and odd. My grandma (My fathers Mom) runs away from me if my dress stinks because of this horrible so called nutritional supplement. Initially the dosage was 6 drops, now I have to drink 0.8 ml. Are you not feeling sympathy towards me?

Infant’s medicines are supposed to be sweet. How I wish I could make Dr. Sachin Suresh swallow the whole 15 ml bottle. Oh god, who will understand my feeling. Everyday my mom religiously gives me. Isn’t cruel? Kudos to those little moms who forgot to give this stinking nutritional supplement to their kids.

NB: Picture of the drops and Aryan’s face when he drinks it. . . . . .will be posted soon.

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Unknown said...

Haha exactly the way Arjun feels. He does not like it at all. But what to do..